Who We Are?

Our Mission

The mission of the Rocky Mountain Automotive Teacher Society is to foster a community of automotive educators dedicated to achieving excellence in automotive education and promoting innovation in the field. We are committed to providing a platform that encourages collaboration, professional development, and the exchange of best practices among automotive teachers across the Rocky Mountain region. We want to empower automotive educators for excellence and innovation!


RMATS is a Career and Technical Education group that assists automotive education programs with program approvals, adaptations, certifications, and development of programs.

The board is charged with the task of collecting information directly from automotive manufacturers, dealerships, aftermarket training companies, and automotive industry groups tasked with training, certifying, and researching technological advances that affect the up-and-coming technician workforce.

RMATS DOES NOT certify or license any technicians or programs. The society of teachers is a collective group that offers experience and training from individual teachers and creates a virtual database of information that is beneficial for new and experienced educators. RMATS also acts as a representative on behalf of educators to larger corporations and independent automotive service and repair professionals. RMATS will be able to express the collective group’s ideas on education and internship opportunities. They will also be able to collect information from the independent shops and the educators to help increase the available entry-level jobs and match the openings to the skills that are being taught in the individual classrooms